We're an acapella group based out of Saint Louis, Missouri with an ecclectic array of musical stylings. We take you on a musical journey, singing all genres of music from Gospel to Bluegrass! Let us enlighten you through song!


Band Members

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ALTO I AND II/TENOR Meet Tamara Times, who is the Granddaughter of Louis Bedford Sr., the leader of The Mighty Blytheville Aires from Blytheville, Arkansas, not to mention her Mother, Father, and various family members are Gospel singers as well. It's inevitable that she'd become enthralled with not just singing, but singing with quartet-style a cappella harmony. She's sung at Graceland and World Overcomers in Memphis, Tennessee, and was also a member of Tops in Blue, a choral ensemble for active-duty members of the United States Air Force. Having the aspiration to teach and learn, she obtained a Bachelor of Education-Music Education, with an emphasis in Vocal Performance degree from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis in Saint Louis, Missouri in 2016, to properly teach music to those with talent and the desire to learn. Tamara started Poetic Sounds in 2009 to provide a contrasting soun... View Profile
SOPRANO I AND II/LEAD SINGER Meet Bel DaSilva, the Soprano I and II/Lead Singer of Poetic Sounds. With the voice of an angel, this very talented singer has graced different stages in the Illinois and Missouri area. She has sung and acted in musical theatrical productions such as playing the dramatic role of Kate Rushton in the SIUE Summer Show-Biz play, "Working", Tuptim in "The King and I", and various other musical roles in countless other productions. She shows her vocal range with beautiful operatic shows, such as playing the part of Baba the Turk in The Rake's Progress and Katisha in The Mikado at the SIUE Opera Theatre. Bel's unmatched talent has granted her the opportunity to become the Music Director/President and Lead Alto for Harmon-E, as well as the President/Arranger for Bella Voice, both A Cappella Contemporary Choral Ensembles at SIUE. She was also the Alto I and Soprano II singer for t... View Profile
ALTO I AND II/TENOR Meet Areanna Shears, who is the Alto I and II/Tenor singer for Poetic Sounds. She dabbles in various genres of creativity. Originally from Tchula, Ms, this country-girl-at-heart shows her vocal charm onstage and behind-the-scenes. As the host of her own podcast, The Rendezvous Podcast, Areanna explores the multifaceted nature of being a Christian and more. Starting her performance career in elementary school, Areanna has sang in concert choirs, competitive choirs, and, of course, praise and worship. She first graced the stage as a young student and found her way as the understudy choir director, following, as an adult, as a worship leader at her current church, Agape Time Ministries International. As a self-proclaimed songwriter, Areanna has learned how to find the song in anything. Though life has its way of humbling you, she has never lost her natural flair and passion ... View Profile
ALTO I AND II Meet LaToya Monya, the Alto I and II singer of Poetic Sounds. She is a renaissance woman, alchemist, healer, visionary, creator, and a believer, who grew up singing and performing; which was natural for her originating from a musical family. She was a singer in her High School Show Choir, and also fell in love with the art of movement, which allowed her the fortuity to create her own choreography; with jazz, modern, and a splash of hip-hop, at the age of 16, which fused together her passions of dancing and singing. In addition to performing, she was also tasked with the sewing and handling of the costumes backstage as well. Her ability to hear harmony keenly, at such a young age, landed her the opportunity to sing with the a cappella ensemble, Sweet Adeline. She possesses a degree in Architecture /Interior Design, as well as Business and Fashion with an emphasis on Textil... View Profile