Meet Areanna Shears, who is the Alto I and II/Tenor singer for Poetic Sounds. She dabbles in various genres of creativity. Originally from Tchula, Ms, this country-girl-at-heart shows her vocal charm onstage and behind-the-scenes. As the host of her own podcast, The Rendezvous Podcast, Areanna explores the multifaceted nature of being a Christian and more. Starting her performance career in elementary school, Areanna has sang in concert choirs, competitive choirs, and, of course, praise and worship. She first graced the stage as a young student and found her way as the understudy choir director, following, as an adult, as a worship leader at her current church, Agape Time Ministries International.

As a self-proclaimed songwriter, Areanna has learned how to find the song in anything. Though life has its way of humbling you, she has never lost her natural flair and passion for singing and performing.